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 Hunter's Thread

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PostSubject: Hunter's Thread   Mon Jun 02, 2008 6:16 am

Quote :


* Head to Swan Lake Basin, and in Tranquilon, find Sylvan who'll start the quest. She will cast a mist on you, limiting your range. Then she will ask for you to find her sister, in Eversun north's farm. The mist makes it hard to find your way back, but there is a way to cheat it. When you go from one map to another, the mist will clear for a split second. At this time hit Ctrl+M and when you get to the next map, you will have an outline of where you need to go. You can also go to X:234 Y:504, which is much easier. -- Pikoparty 07:45, 10 February 2008 (EST)

Hunter Skill List
Image:Active_set.gif Archery

All Skills Requires a Bow'

* Full Draw: Draws the bow back fully for a stronger attack.

* Additive Arrow: Fires 2 arrows in quick successions increasing damage to the enemy.

* Dart Deluge: Fires a volley of arrow to inflict damage on surrounding enemies.

Consumes 5 arrows.

* Arrow Alchemy: Converts magic power into arrows Useful when you have no arrows left.

* Assassin's Arrow:: Shots an arrow at the enemy from a distance when they are not looking. Causes great damage but does not hit easily.

* Strongbow: Draws the bowstring back with great force for a more powerful shot.

* Two Birds With One Stone: Uses one arrow to hit the enemy up to 2 times

* Dark Deluge:: Fires a bloody rain of arrows to inflict damage on surrounding enemies. Consumes 5 arrows

* Bowstring Shockwave: Uses force on the bowstring to create a shockwave that damages the enemy without using an arrow.

* Demonslayer Arrow: Shots an arrow at the enemy from a great distance with high accuracy but low damage

Image:Active_set.gif Hunters Instinct

* Unerring Aim: Concentrates the users power, giving double accuracy for the duration.

* Sneak Peek: When activated, the HP of an enemy can be seen and invisibility can be detected as well.

* Concentrated Fury: Uses an extra 40% attack time to increase attack by 55%. Reduces magical accuracy by 70 at the same time.

* Ankle Strike: Aims for the ankle of the enemy reducing movements speed by 16 for 30 seconds (1/3 against other players)

* Appease: Calms the enemy and reduces their bad feeling towards you.

* Ready For Action: Readies the user for combat, raising attack, defense, magical attack, magical defense, accuracy and evasion by 5%


* Aim: Concentrates and locks onto the enemy, increase attack speed by 3 but reducing movement speed and evasion by 6.

* Poison Weapon: Applied poison to the users weapon. Enemies being hit have a chance of being poisoned and losing 20 HP every 5 seconds for 6 minutes.

* Weak Spotter: Analyzes the enemies weak points increasing the chance of critical attack by 15.

* Go For The Throat: Attacks the enemies throat, stopping them using skills for 29 seconds. (1/4 against other players)

Image:Passive_set.gif Hunting Skills

* Equip Bow: The ability to equip bows and crossbows.

* Bow Mastery: Allows bows and crossbows to be used regardless of job at 5% of their full strength.

Stat/Skill Builds

* Critical Hunter: at each level +2 dexterity +1power. Once at 40 dexterity, +3 power at each level. (I personally prefer this one)

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PostSubject: Re: Hunter's Thread   Sat Jun 07, 2008 7:05 am


I am the King (an evil king) who dreams the wickedest of dreams
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Hunter's Thread
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