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 Making Gold

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PostSubject: Making Gold   Mon Jun 02, 2008 6:49 am

Quote :
Farming, Grinding and Harvesting

Any level

* Use a team's autoloot on large mobs that can be one-shotted.
* Use a Thief to steal weapon recipes from certain enemies. ~Nguyen

Level 1-10

* Kill Forest Kuku Eggs in Eversun South for Animal Fat (35 each).
* Go to Southern Everson and mine. People are always in need of glass to upgrade their weapons. Glass can usually sell from 150 or more.

Level 10-15

* Zombie and Demonic Zombie, in Eversun North, drop Cow Cord, which sells for 65 gold per unit. ~xGremlinx
* Demonic Zombie also drops Ancient Copper Coin, which can be traded with Bobby Dazzler for antiques. Take an antique to the innkeeper's wife for 300 gold. ~Nguyen
* Golden Globs and Globs drop Wobbly Jelly, which can be sold for 36g each to Valencia, or up to 100g each to players doing the Elder missions. Both monsters are also worth decent experience for a beginner character and Golden Globs have an elimination quest for further gains. ~Aliz

Level 15-20

* Greedy Rat from Farrel Family Crypt and Inn Basement drops Ancient Copper Coin. Trade the coins to Bobby Dazzler in Eversun City for antiques (5 coins for 1 antique); sell the antiques to the innkeeper's wife for 300 gold each. ~Nguyen
* Noddy Stones and Giant Hedgehogs drop Cotton Cloth and Embroidered Handkerchiefs quite regularly, both of which are worth a decent amount of gold.
* Big-Lidded Lizards in Copperhorn drop many items that are good for selling: Beast Fang worth 65 gold, Dried Lizard worth 60 gold, and Bolt From the Blouse worth only 1 gold (however, they can be very useful for theives and players may buy them.). --LordRehmann-1368 18:26, 23 January 2008 (EST)

Level 20-30

* Sombre Zombie in Farrel Family Crypt commonly drops Snake Skin, which are worth 95 gold each. They can be sold to the NPC standing in the same room as them, who also sells arrows, frogs, scrolls, etc.


usually i make a account just for harvesting raw materials,but you can just change your main character's class to commoner). Being a commoner, you get skills that will increase the level of harvesting skills. I recommend mining, seeing as glass sells for the most. Always buy the 10th level equipment, just put it under group 1. This is also a good way to level up alchemy, just change your character to a forestry guy, and go to Eversun South lumber area (X:693,Y:201)and buy the 2nd level bronze axe (1500) and set set your character up all night. In the morning, you should see 980 pieces of apple lumber. refine these to 49 pieces of apple wood. Then make wooden slippers out of them. they should sell for 1800. And remember, ONLY harvest if your "providers Povince" luck is "avrage" or higher
Piko, can you tell us more about it... I tried your advice, but only got aprrox 600 apple lumber (I have a lvl39 forestry) And what is the influence of Providers Providence on the luber collecting ?? --Kresken 13:34, 23 February 2008 (EST)

From my observation, Provider's Providence slightly improves the rate at which your character gathers materials. As for tools, depending on the level of the tool used a certain amount of it's durability will be consumed. For example, a Level 2 Bronze Axe with 980 durability after gathering 1 Apple Lumber or 1 Maple Lumber will have 978 durability. The level of the material gathered does not affect the amount of durability lost (again, my observation ~ correct me if I am wrong). A Level 1 Tool will lose 1 durability point per raw material gathered, a Level 2 Tool will lose 2 points, a Level 3 Tool will lose 3 points, etc.

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Making Gold
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