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 AOE parties

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PostSubject: AOE parties   Mon Jun 09, 2008 7:59 am

Let's clear stuffs

AoE parties are usually formed in the following places. If You want to party there You will most likely get in an AOE party (lvls are approximated)
Inn Basement - Caskmasters (lvl18-22)
Phoenix Tower - Male Bird of Paradise (lvl22-27)
Neptune's Temple - Crimson Glob (27-29), Turtle, Man Eating Zombie (29-33)(nearly all parties here)
Grizzly Garrison - Bandit Thug & Bandit Chef (34-37)
Pandora's Grotto - all mob (37-43)
Foggy Forest (43-48)
Town-God Temple (49+)
Jobs like muse can be lower lvled

AoE parties consist of
2 Aoer

Things to know for each class:
First Aid maxed
Greater Healing when possible
Good to have at least one of these:
Prolong Life
Frog Forcefield

You should have some energy regen for urself

must have maxed windmill and circle and Mock monster as soon as possible (requied for man eating zombie and above) plus one other formation
at least two sets of armors ready
good to have
all other forms
Use Crane if the aoers are casters (that is crazy dmg)
Cross Chop is a nice addiction to keep aggro

Non pet muse. hybrid will do
not a hard thing, just cast every songs after each other
Max mantra at all costs

Best pullers
Thiefs and hunters
sometimes Fencer can also pull but it is like 2nd puller since it is mainly aoer(maybe BM can also pull)
Puller also should have aoe skill to help killing the mobs

Wizard, shaman, Fencer, Dancer
Shaman should equip wizard skills, it is nice to have the 2 jobs at the same level. A mid-lvl shaman with lvl1 wizard aoes are usually not accepted. + you can spare money and inventory space on equip.
Aoer can be any class that can do relative high dmg with it's aoes, but the ones mentioned above are the best.

It is the best when some leads the party. Chaos=Death, those who were with me yesterday know that. It is better to run together buffed, with circle on.

Who to blame section

If the party stays alive = no1
If Merc dies first
a., If he had circle on, it can be the doc's fault if he had MP (also if the merc was missing frog buffs) Do not blame doc in case of no MP or if the following things happened
b., No circle merc's fault
c., It can be also build fault by merc
d., Naked merc
Aoer dies first
Merc cannot hold agro
Doc/Muse dies first
Merc cannot hold agro+Aoers don't do enough dmg to take agro (crappy merc and aoers O.o)
Puller dies
He pulled more than he can take.

Comment personal experiences, so i could make it better


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Raven Blackstar

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PostSubject: Re: AOE parties   Mon Jun 09, 2008 5:27 pm

I want Shaman AoE... I'd be more of use to level in Neptune <.<
Though currently leveling my Wizard a bit, to improve and have at least a few AoEs :3
(Got Acid Rain and Explosive so far ^-^ )

... still trying to figure out how to get Wand equip without cutting my AoE spells >.<;
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Raven Blackstar

Hozzászólások száma : 79
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PostSubject: Re: AOE parties   Tue Dec 02, 2008 2:57 am

You might have to add "Dancer" as an AoE class :3
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PostSubject: Re: AOE parties   

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AOE parties
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