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 How to fly?

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PostSubject: How to fly?   Tue Jun 17, 2008 2:30 am

First you have to beat the Flying Frog King also known as FFK. He is in Swan Lake Basin, you can only get to him if you go to eversun north. If you defeat him (he's tough) you get an item, i cannot remember the name. You shouldn't try thast alone at lvl15. Ask the guild for help, if someone is free I'm pretty sure u get help. At lvl 15 you must take that item to Randy Charleston located in eversun city, near the stairs to the planetarium, next to the landing pad. He will ask you to find the flying faerie. He also gives you the training flying sword. She flys in circles, but she passes above the bank and drugstore before she flows to places that are unknown to me. She not flys really high, just above the roof of these buildings. After you could catch her she will inrcease your flying level. Now land and speak with Randy again.
Flying Pupu trainer is in Swan Lake, near tranquilton, check map for details. He will ask you to find 5 flying pupus.
1. near the trainer
2. Neptune's temple, on a collum
3. Phoenix tower, above entrance
4. Monarch Memorial on the top
5. Guild castle, near windmill

they are marked yellow on the map, so you can find them

Ha asks you to do it again, but now with a 20 minutes time limit, if you already know the locations this should be no problem.
(you can reapeat it more but it won't incease ur flying lvl u get some dice for it)

Singsong fairy is not in game yet

How to land:
You can land on landing places, those are marked V on the map, and has a huge beam of light, so u can see it easily from air too. You don't have to land to change areas.

For extra help:
Flying Guide


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How to fly?
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