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 Houmei's Dancer Build

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PostSubject: Houmei's Dancer Build   Wed Jan 28, 2009 5:42 am

Hi there guys, here's my dancer build. This build is more on pvp, but will also do well in pvm and is pure Fan Skills.

Level 56

Power: 50
Physique: 6
Wisdom: 14
Agility: 100
Dexterity: 20
Durability: 6

Ferocious Fandango - 10
Flying Swallow Fandango - 12
Fatiguing Fan - 10
Fleecing Fan - 5
Extractor Fan - 11
Fancy F. Fandango - 8
Flying Eagle Fandango - 8
Fang Fandango - 8
Phantom Fang Fandango - 8
Sandstorm Salsa - 3

- I leveled Extractor Fan a lot because it's a usefull skill in pvp. Dancer's single target skills are not that strong againts heavily armored opponents, so Extractor Fan will strip some or maybe all of your foe's armor or weopon leaving them nakedly helpless, thus giving you a chance to wack them your strong skills.

- Sandstorm Salsa a good skill even at level 1. It give's invisibility for 5 secs and removes monsters' lock on to you and to your party members. I leveled it to lvl 3 just for extra damage in pvp. Remember, DO NOT use Sandstorm Salsa if you're in a party with a tanker. It will cancel out Mock. After the duration of the monsters being not aggressive, the monsters will change target away from the tanker and might kill the important squishy party members. Btw, it's very usefull in pvp. Just dont use it anymore if you know your opponent will use or already used Sneak Peak or any skills that sees invisible beings.

- Fatuiging Fan is a must!!! Give's 100 atk for 75 secs at level 10.

- Finished all Life Quests. Used 18 Dancer Springs(That, if my memory serves me right).

- Has high damage even with out buffs from other jobs.
- Has its own HP and MP heal(Fang Fandango and Phantom Fang Fangdango respectively). About 900HP and 140 MP at level 8.
- Can pull while doing AOE. Can also tank for a short time.
- Helps magic AOE characters to increase their damage because of Ferocious Fandango.
- HIGH MAGIC ACCURACY(Because of Fan Weopon), MAGIC EVA and EVA.

- LOW MP. Inner Magic is a must. You'll be eating a lot of MP.
- LOW HP. Onyx of loyalty will help if you're gonna pvp a lot.
- LOW Physical Def. HA will help a lot, pvp or pvm. Monsters will ALWAYS tend to lock on to you because of the damage you will deal to them.
- LOW Magic Defence because of the build. Robes and Dancer Costumes will help.
- Sadly, dancers dont have stun skills or any skills that will render opponents immobile. So subs with such skills are a must if you gonna pvp.
- Dancer's AOE skills can't hit a lot of monsters all the time. Often, only 8-12 can be hit at the same time.

Suggested Equipment
Heavy or Light Armor - more on pvp but can also pvm. Againts physical attackers
Shield - for added defence and a chance to block an attack. Note: If you managed to block an attack, the damage will be reduced a lot. Almost 75% of the damage will be deducted based on my experience.

Dancer Costume and Robes - If you gonna use dancer costume and againts magic attackers, just use the upper and lower armor. If your opponent have both physical and magic attacks, use Upper and lower dancer costumes and pair it up with either HA or LA's arms, feet and head armor parts. Use Robes for heavy magic attackers.

Ring of Attack + 10% Physical Attack

Suggested Subs
Thief's Sneak Attacks - for pvp
Thief's Close Combat - for pvm or pvp

Mercinary's Mercenary Skills - to equip HA,Shield and Spear(Equip Spear is Optional)
Mercinary's Spear Skills - for formation skills(Optional)

Doctor's Medical Treatment - will help you a lot. 1st aid, regeneration and Inner magic are good skills.
Doctor's Croakus Pocus - Increases your stats, HP and MP.(Some skills will require Syringe)
Doctor's Medical Knowledge - You'll need this for Equip Syringe

Wizard's Spell Casting - Chant of Liberation is good in pvp.
Wizard's Magical Skills - You'll need this for Equip Robe.

Suggested Onyxes
Onyx of Loyalty for Head armor - HP + 20% per onyx
Onyx of Fraternity for upper body armor - Physical Attk + 5%
Onyx of Equality for shoes - Magic Eva + 5(for pvp)
Onyx of Righteosness for arms - Magic Accuracy +5
Hepta Onyx for lower body armor- Thief's damage on you -10%(more on pvp but will also help in pvm if the monster is a thief)
Dragon Onyx for weopon - Your damage againts Martial Artist + 10%(more on pvp but will also help in pvm if the monster is a MA. Correct me if the effect is high)

Click on thumbnail to view my stats, HP and MP

With out any equipment

With my equipment

For further questions, dont hesitate to ask. ^^

Last edited by Houmei on Wed Jan 28, 2009 3:48 pm; edited 4 times in total (Reason for editing : Corrections, typos, etc.)
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PostSubject: Re: Houmei's Dancer Build   Wed Jan 28, 2009 11:34 am

omg thats like a how to kill amy (using thief job of course XD) build :P anyway its a good guide ill use it when i start training my dancer.

ohh yeah suposedly they fixed my internet but still keeps dropping i want to kill the repair guy
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Age : 31
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PostSubject: Re: Houmei's Dancer Build   Wed Jan 28, 2009 3:55 pm

Thanks ^^

Off the topic

Are you using wifi internet or do you have a line? Check your cables, some might require to be replaced.
I experienced the same problem with my internet connection before. We asked our ISP to replace all
the cables of our phone line(my net is connected to our phone) and checked the connections on top of the pole where all phone lines of the neighborhood are connected. It got fixed soon after they done all of it.
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PostSubject: Re: Houmei's Dancer Build   

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Houmei's Dancer Build
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