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 Wizard's Thread

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PostSubject: Wizard's Thread   Mon Jun 02, 2008 6:08 am

Quote :



* The most powerful magic casters.
* Can acquire spells that don't need weapons or perishables


* They need to use perishables (scrolls) to use their strongest spells.
* They have some of the worst Hp and defense.
* Once out of Mp they have no real attack power.

Wizard Skills

(Work in Progress)
Image:Active_set.gif Scrollcasting

Scrollcasting skills require a wand and various expendable Scrolls.

Scorching Scroll Unleashes a burst of flame on a single enemy, dealing Fire Elemental Damage. Requires one scroll.

Rune of Explosions Causes an enemy to erupt in flames, dealing damage to it and surrounding creatures with those in the center receiving more fire damage. Requires two scrolls.

Rune of Lightning Sends a bolt of Lightning at an enemy dealing Metal Damage with a chance for a second bolt to strike, dealing fire damage. Requires two scrolls.

Toppling Tremor Causes the earth around the caster to convulse, knocking enemies prone for 3.2 seconds. Requires two scrolls.

Acid Rain Scroll Calls forth poisonous rain to damage enemies in an area. Requires three scrolls

Secret Charm of Searing Flame Burns the enemy with heavenly flames. Requires three scrolls.

Secret Charm of Shrieking Demons Calls on Demons to release poisonous vapors around the enemy. Requires three scrolls.

Secret Charm of Rolling Thunder Causes a large a storm to hit the target, dealing damage to those around it as well. Requires Six Scrolls.

Secret Charm of Thorns Summons thorny vines around the user that attack the enemy, lowering speed by 15 for 7.3 seconds. Requires one scroll.

Speeding Ticket Attaches a scroll to the legs to increase movement speed by 10. Requires one scroll.
Image:Active_set.gif Spellcasting

Chant of Impure Thoughts Strikes one target for Non-elemental Magic damage.

Warning Warble Strikes multiple targets for Non-elemental Damage.

Stalling Chant Reduces the Movement of nearby enemies by 15 for 10 seconds. Range of 50.

Cataclysmic Converter Transfers HP to MP, receiving 24 Mp then 4 MP every 5 seconds for 120 seconds.

Chant of Liberation Removes movement, attack, and magic impairing effects on those around you.

Secrets of the Metal Spirit Increases Metal Defense of the Target by 15.

Secrets of the Wood Spirit Increases Wood Defense of the target by 15.

Secrets of the Earth Spirit Increases Earth Defense of the target by 15.

Secrets of the Water Spirit Increases Water Defense of the target by 15.

Secrets of the Fire Spirit Increases Fire Defense of the target by 15.
Image:Passive_set.gif Magical Skills

Equip Robes Allows Robes to be equipped by anyone.

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PostSubject: Re: Wizard's Thread   Sat Jun 07, 2008 7:01 am

Wizard guide a bit messy though

Wizard forums


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Wizard's Thread
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